Here you can make a prediction for any live game. There are 3 options to choose:

Team A Team B Draw

There will be 3 Pots:

  1. Team A Pot
  2. Team B Pot
  3. Draw Pot
If the Team A wins, the amount collected in the (Team B pot + Team Draw Pot) will be distributed to players who predicted on Team A.

Same applies if Team B wins then amount collected in (Team A pot + Team Draw Pot) will be distributed to the players who predicted Team B.

If there is a draw, ( Team A Pot + Team B Pot ) Both the pots will be distributed to the players who played their prediction Draw.
The distribution to the winning team will be based on the amount placed on Prediction. Therefore the higher the amount the bigger the return. The multiply factor will remain the same.

For e.g. if there are three players - James, Julie and Mary.
If James Predicted 2 ETH on Team A,
Julie Predicted 10 ETH on Team A and
Mary Predicted 24 ETH on Team B.

If Team A wins then the winning amount
= (Team B Pot + Draw Pot) - Platform Fee* (0.25% of the total bet)
= (24 ETH - 0.25% of 36 ETH) ETH.
= (24 - 0.09) ETH
= 23.91 ETH

This will be distributed in the ratio of the predictionting amount:
2:10 = 1:5 to James & Julie respectively. In this case James will receive 3.985 ETH and Julie will receive 19.925 ETH

*There will be a fee of 0.25% on the total prediction placed by the platform. After getting the platform fee deducted, the winning amount will be shared among the players in the ratio of risk taken. in this case it will be 4 Eth for James and 20 Ethers for Julie from the winning amount.