Please install MetaMask chrome extention to place the bet.



There is No Registration. Just your Ether Wallet Address is required to play the game.

  1. Lottery Price will be fixed. It will show in the Lottery Tab.

  2. Time of Lottery Draw will be fixed. Check the Countdown in the lottery tab.

  3. The winning amount will be based on the number of participants purchasing the lottery. Users can check the winning amount on the top and can refresh it.

  4. All the lottery purchased amount will be placed in the smart contract.

  5. At the lucky draw, a random winner will be selected by the system.

  6. The smart contract will send the winning amount to the winners wallet address.

  7. There will be a fee of 0.25% on the winning amount by the platform.

  8. Number of Players and Number of Winners.
    1. Upto 19 Players - 1 Winner
    2. Upto 29 Players - 2 Winners
    3. Upto 39 Players - 3 Winners

  9. For every 10 players, 1 winner will increase.