Welcome to the Future of Prediction

Come and Predict as your interest and capacity on any event on this planet for minimal charge.

No Login, No Hassle, No Limits.

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Choose an Event from the List

An 'event' is a prediction event. Now, you can choose an event from the list of multiple events


Predict on Events

Once you select your favourite events or event multiple events at a time, you can start your prediction based on your skills


Use your Skills to Win

Once you have predicted the outcome and you got success, you can win. You can predict multiple events at the same time to win.

Launching soon

Use Cases for BetdeEx

Use Cases for BetdeEx

Political Prediction

Now, predict on multiple political happenings across the globe and win on the outcomes

Sports Prediction

Get your favourite sports and team, predict the outcomes of matches and sports events to win big

Movies Prediction

Predict the future outcome of your favourite movies choosing the events from the list. Also predict on multiple events of Entertainment Industry.

Events Prediction

Predict on the outcomes of multiple events across the globe on Tech, Science, Space Exploration, Launches, Products and many more.

Currencies of Betdeex

Era Swap (ES) as Utility on BetdeEx

Eraswap (ES)

Era Swap Token or ES is a decentralized utility token currently based on ethereum blockchain (ERC20) which will be used on multiple platforms for exchange of services (P2P), avail discounts, get rewards and many more utility

Benefits of BetdeEx

Benefits of BetdeEx

Minimal Charges

BetdeEx charges minimal fee of 0.2% from winners on the winning amount.

User-driven Platform

BetdeEx is a user driven platform where users use their skills to predict outcomes and win.

Ease of Access

BetdeEx is user friendly and anyone can access from anywhere, anytime.

Anyone can Play

Any one can predict events on BetdeEx and win big.

Join The Era Swap Ecosystem

Era Swap Ecosystem includes interlinked multiple platforms where Era Swap Tokens can be utilized for exchange of services, availing discounts, getting rewards and other utilities. Era Swap Team will identify and help build more such platforms in future which are built for the community and willing to incorporate ES reward system.

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Lend and Borrow

Multi Exchange Solution

Merchants and Shoppers

Token Vesting


Decentralized Wallet

Join the Community

Join the Community

Join the Conversation

BetdeEx platform is a decentralised platform for prediction on outcomes of multiple events in the domain of Politics, Sports, Movies, Current Affairs, Science, Tech, Space, products and many more. We welcome users to join our community to grow and prosper together.

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