BetdeEx - Decentralized Blockchain based platform for lottery, sports betting, and more….

With a few clicks, any amateur can bet like a professional.

No Registration | No Bookie | No Middleman


1. SIMPLICITY: Everything is simple and intuitive. No complicated odds or conditions. Interface is easy to understand for non-gamblers and casual bettors.

2. SECURITY: Smart Contracts protect the player’s funds and automatically distribute the winnings. No manual intervention means no possible human error or tampering.

3. TRANSPARENCY: Smart Contracts ensure there is no chance to manipulate bets. Transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain and viewable by all involved parties.

4. FUNDS UNDER CONTROL: No need to deposit money into the bookmaker’s account. No outdated payment systems and forward deposits. User have control of their funds and can play directly from their crypto wallet.

About Betdeex

We are proud to introduce BetdeEx, the decentralized blockchain based platform for lottery, sports betting, and third-party games betting; empowering users with a variety of innovative capabilities, as well as unprecedented flexibility and reliability. With a few clicks of the mouse, any amateur can bet like a professional, forecasting and earning on par with industry leaders.

BetdeEx fees is miniscule compared to traditional bookmakers which will incentivize mass migration to the platform. BetdeEx is a game-changer. Our functionality levels the playing field between amateurs and professionals, opening a world of possibilities for everyday users in all corners of the globe.

The world of betting is a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked – and BetdeEx is the key.

At its core, BetdeEx is a decentralised betting platform, allowing people to bet on lottery, sports, events, etc. with other players without going through a “middle man” (e.g., a bookie or betting provider). It operates as a fully decentralised, secure solution built on blockchain based Smart Contracts. All bets are carried out using Era Swap Tokens, the native digital token.

BetdeEx is safe, transparent, provably fair, and simple to use. It’s this easy: you can join and place a bet on lottery, sports, events, etc. designating the minimum amount you decide to place as bet in form of Era Swap tokens. You can also invite your community to join the bet. There will be multiple winners based on the volume of players.

After the events end, Smart Contracts automatically calculate the winnings and awards Era Swap tokens based on the agreed bet. (e.g., winner takes all).

Through the use of blockchain technologies, BetdeEx has the ability to disrupt the centralized betting industry, and create a new decentralized betting ecosystem with neither middlemen nor centralized structures.

Features of Betdeex

1. Decentralized platform - to eliminate high commissions from centralized agencies, risk of blocked payments, and inefficiency due to bureaucratic procedures

2. Full technical security - to minimize the potential for cyber-attacks on players and the platform in general

3. Transparency - to improve the image of the industry as a whole and provide access to a wider group of consumers

4. Social network - to allow users to invite new/amateur participants that would otherwise not engage in betting from their social community

5. Versatility - to allow for the listing of fully vetted third party betting games and/or other solutions that appeal to modern, tech-savvy consumers